Meet Traci Clayton, PhD

Dr. Traci Clayton is an author, speaker, trusted leadership advisor and seasoned executive consultant in Nashville, TN. Her Nashville consulting firm works around the globe with leaders in all industries, including extensive work at the CEO, Board and Executive Team level. Read about her passion below for our future in her upcoming book on transforming the culture of healthcare.

Traci is known for her deep insights, bringing together outside-in and inside-out perspectives to solve some of healthcare’s toughest leadership and culture challenges. Through speaking events and consulting engagements, she has advised executives from some of the world’s top organizations, including many of the Fortune 500.

Her work includes Leadership for the Top 100, Strategic Leadership Development, Executive Team Development, Executive Coaching, Organizational Culture Change, and Leadership Transformation. As a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), her specialty is Healthcare.

Experience Inside AND Outside Healthcare

Dr. Clayton certainly has an insider’s perspective on the challenges of being a clinician – she was a provider in multiple hospital systems, academic medical centers and private practice.  Dr. Clayton’s significant early career INSIDE healthcare (as a nursing technician, clinical psychologist, medical school faculty, private practitioner and staff provider) afforded her ample opportunity to view healthcare from inside many medical institutions across the US.  Traci made a bold move in leaving healthcare entirely for a number of years before returning as a consultant.

Traci spent her mid-career OUTSIDE of healthcare as a global Leadership and Organization Development consultant to a wide variety of other industries, including consumer business, technology, professional services, manufacturing and finance.  She became an expert and senior leader in several global consultancies.  The perspective she gained from many years away from US healthcare was invaluable for highlighting many leadership best practices missing from healthcare.  Since returning as an executive consultant to healthcare over 15 years ago, she uses multiple perspectives from inside and outside to help her clients transform.

Transforming Business Cultures

Dr. Clayton’s clients love her authentic, approachable manner and her courage to stand alongside them to unpack tough issues and find a successful path through. She has a unique ability to quickly assess the leadership climate of an organization and bring strategic insights to help leaders transform cultures, engage employees and deliver exceptional business results.

Traci's CV Details

Traci’s leadership career includes prominent roles with Right Management, Center for Creative Leadership, Deloitte Consulting, the BB&T Leadership Institute and more. She has served as the North American Managing Principal for a leading global talent consultancy, a VP of Talent Management, university faculty (MBA and PhD), med school faculty, expert witness, clinical psychologist, nursing technician and mom extraordinaire.

She published her research through the School of Medicine at The Ohio State University as an undergraduate, completed a doctoral internship at Vanderbilt University, received a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tennessee and completed her post-doc at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Clayton held various appointments at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Carolinas Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She’s had clinical affiliations at many medical centers throughout her career. She has numerous memberships and affiliations.

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Traci Clayton in 5 words.

A leader’s impact can be measured by gathering input from a variety of people. Here’s the targeted, no-nonsense approach to Traci’s own feedback. A handful of clients, colleagues and personal contacts were asked to send 5 words that best describe her.  Here is what they said – see this unedited list!

Insightful (x4), Perceptive (x3)
Intelligent (x2), Smart (x2), Logical (x2), Discerning, Analytical, Critical Thinker
Approachable (x2), Genuine, Authentic, Honest, Unbiased, Open Minded
Compassionate, Caring, Collaborative
Confident, Well-spoken, Great Executive Presence
Resourceful (x2), Dependable, Diligent, Crazy Hardworking
Courageous (x2), Bold, Strong, Resilient and Artistic

When a leader’s DNA shows up this consistently with all the characteristics you want in a trusted advisor, this is the kind of person and expert you want to hire.

Soon to Be Released:  Dr. Clayton’s New Book on Healthcare Culture Transformation

Dr. Clayton’s new book details her journey both inside and outside of healthcare.  The book is a leader’s guide to healthcare culture transformation, offering simple but powerful ways to create a desired future without the stress found in the typical US healthcare landscape.  Be one of the first to be notified of Traci’s book’s release:

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✓ You care deeply about improving systems for the long-term
✓ You want your organization to thrive by bringing joy to work again
✓ You have the courage needed to achieve big goals despite industry “limitations”
✓ You and your people want more results, with less effort, using your best gifts

If this list describes you, chances are you’re a good fit with Traci.

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