While Dr. Clayton’s client list from the last two decades is extensive, there are a few that stand out for meaningful work she designed and delivered which improved leader capability and organizational results:

Apple (technology)
BB&T Bank (financial services)
Boston Scientific (medical device manufacturing)
Children’s Hospital of Colorado (healthcare)
Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha (healthcare)
Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center (healthcare)
City of Denver & Denver International Airport (government & aviation)
Deloitte (financial services)
Equifax (financial services)
Interactive Intelligence (technology)
Pfizer (pharmaceuticals)
Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Hospital (HCA), Denver (healthcare)
Procter and Gamble (consumer business)
Protiviti (formerly Arthur Anderson) (professional services)
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (HCA) (healthcare)
Schneider Electric (and American Power Conversion) (technology and energy)
Emory/St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta (healthcare)
ThedaCare Medical Center, Wisconsin (healthcare)

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✓ You know what outcome you want, even if you’re unsure of how to get there
✓ You care deeply about improving systems for the long-term
✓ You want your organization to thrive by bringing joy to work again
✓ You have the courage needed to achieve big goals despite industry “limitations”
✓ You and your people want more results, with less effort, using your best gifts

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