Success Stories

Your successful project will include significant ROI through strategic projects that truly impact your business performance, your market position and your brand through proven approaches to cross-functional leadership and strategic teaming. Dr. Clayton brings insightful outside-in and inside-out perspectives to solve some of the toughest leadership and culture challenges for organizations. Your organization can be next.

High ROI from 100 Physician, Nurse & Administrative Leaders

A nationally-ranked Top 5 hospital set out to develop 100 Senior Administrators, Nurses and Physicians. Well-known for clinical excellence but fearful to admit their struggles to develop effective leaders, they hobbled along while organizational conflict and inefficiencies grew. Imagine their thrill in Year 1 when this proven process returned millions of dollars.

Success came through a powerful 8-month learning design for leaders, including valuable impact feedback, conflict resolution and change management. Program groups applied cross-functional teaming to solve real-time strategic business issues.

One small team of clinicians was frustrated by prior attempts to solve medical coding and clinical flow errors that left significant revenue on the table. Physicians and nurses teamed up with their peer administrators in the program to implement an easy but powerful change management process, quickly identifying a solution for this several million-dollar revenue opportunity. An additional 14 teams solved similar strategic challenges. Talk about ROI for leader development! Leader capability improved, high performing teams developed and engagement increased.

Wouldn’t you love to show your BOD this kind of financial return and impact?

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Top 100 Leaders Outrank Google through Global Collaboration

One of Traci’s all-time favorite clients was a Gartner-rated global technology company.  Just a fraction the size of major competitors, they began to trip over their own success, in desperate need of leadership talent to manage exponential growth.  They did a quick pivot for developing leadership talent and ended up outranking Google!

So how did the least senior leaders challenge the most senior executives to think and act differently? How did they successfully rebrand themselves to Wall Street, transforming from a products business to a services company?  How did they master organizational change, with C-Suite execs claiming “we can now do in 3 months what used to take 3 years”?

The answer was a powerful Advanced Leadership design for the Top 100.  High-impact learning events held this functionally diverse leadership group accountable for solving real-time business issues.  They began to lead as a unified global body, advancing strategy through effective cross-functional collaboration and execution, increasing revenue, talent capability and brand impact.

The delightful surprise was that employee engagement skyrocketed after the first year of the project, earning the company a Top-10 Glassdoor Employee Choice award for the first time, even ahead of Google and Southwest Airlines.  You can’t beat that for a leadership culture blue ribbon.

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50 Nurses Fill the Leadership Pipeline Using Feedback Skills

A well-recognized hospital system on the cusp of opening a new facility was proud to announce new job opportunities.  One detail was left off the strategic planning radar:  the organization had no pipeline of nurse leaders for the new facility.  Oops.  In a matter of weeks, they upskilled the nursing population and drastically improved engagement.

After years of growth without opportunities for leadership training, staff and nurse leaders were carrying a heavy burden of unresolved conflicts.  The nursing population was full of bruised egos, ineffective teaming behaviors and frequent ‘complaint huddles’ on the nursing floor.  Not a fun place to be.  Talent was available but unwilling to step into the leadership roles responsible for solving these frequent conflicts.

The targeted solution? A Nursing Leadership Development process for 50 Top Nurses brought high-value content and practice to quickly teach on-the-job coaching, feedback skills and conflict resolution.  What a success!  With the right framing, nurses engaged immediately, often solving real-time conflicts the very same day.  Employee engagement jumped up, conflict went down, and nurses lined up for promotion opportunities in the new facility.

Do you want a nurse leadership pipeline full of capable leaders?

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Healthcare’s Reflection & Action for Executive Succession & Culture Change

A respected healthcare system drew national attention for many years while the leadership team became a bit too comfortable with thinking they had gotten everything right. Busy with other endeavors, they had taken their eye off evolving the leadership culture and leader pipeline.   The CEO and CHRO courageously opened the door for insight from the outside.  This “look in the mirror” became the turning point for leadership transformation.

It was time to think about the leader and executive team of the future. Using culture-specific approaches to leadership processes, they were able to plan to evolve the leadership team to support the future business, not the business of the past.

The leaders still speak fondly of one salient executive leadership team session when the “outside in” perspective afforded them a powerful look in the mirror.  The enormous “aha” was that business results had begun to directly reflect the leadership culture.  This major turning point supported the team in shoring up leadership skills for current executives.  Then it was easy to select and onboard new talent as needed.  This paved the way for organizational transformation and culture change, and helped the system fill the leadership pipeline to support current and future success.

What “aha moments” might your business need to open the door to transformation?

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