Dr. Clayton’s consulting work brings together outside-in and inside-out perspectives to solve the toughest leadership and culture challenges.  Her services include Leadership for the Top 100, Strategic Leadership Development, Executive Team Development, Executive Coaching, Organizational Culture Change, and Leadership Transformation. Her specialty is Healthcare.

Top 100 Leaders

The Top 100 leaders are far more powerful when they engage in a coordinated leadership development process. Did you know that the Executive Team is typically the ONLY cross-functional team in an organization? What a mistake! Cross-functional power is where the magic happens.

Leadership programs for the top few leadership layers can change the vertical focus (‘me and my direct reports’) to a horizontal focus (‘me and my cross-functional peers’). Organizations unlock enormous potential with this 90-degree change.

These Top 100 programs never fail! They are the biggest ROI bang for your leadership buck. Clients are always delighted by millions of dollars of return, even as soon as the first 25 leaders complete the process. Traci has over 15 years of success designing and delivering Top 100 programs, always tailored to your specific business and culture. See two Success Stories here.

Outcomes from Top 100 leadership programs include:

✓ Significant ROI – top line and bottom line growth
✓ Increased adoption of key strategic goals
✓ Coordinated strategy and execution efforts across the organization
✓ Growth of a leadership pipeline with promotion-ready talent
✓ Increased morale and engagement
✓ Increased employment brand

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Nurses typically have the most intrinsic understanding of corporate hierarchy and organizational dynamics so they “get there faster,” even with brief, targeted leadership development.

Nurses are part of the organizational backbone.  New coaching behaviors not only help their nurse direct reports, but also support physicians and administrators in their environments.  These techniques help patients and families by creating low-drama, high-impact patient care environments.

The fastest was to nursing success is through Leadership Coaching and Feedback programs.  Nurses who are frustrated, irritated by others’ dysfunctional behaviors or exhausted from “drama” dynamics in the work environment can make drastic turnarounds.  See a Top 50 Nursing Success Story here.

Outcomes from nurse leadership programs include: 

✓ Increased employee morale and engagement
✓ Reduced workday stress
✓ Fewer errors and inefficiencies
✓ Increased satisfaction in the work and patient care environments
✓ Creation of a robust nurse leader pipeline with promotion-ready talent

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Physicians are the focus of the clinical encounter – after all, patients come to see their doctors.  However, physicians usually reside outside the formal organizational structure so they can be inexperienced and clumsy inside it, even when they do hold formal leadership roles.  Unlike nurses and administrators, physicians typically have the least intrinsic understanding of organizational dynamics.

To complicate the picture, physicians rarely get feedback and are not taught how to receive feedback well.  They can become defensive, either shutting down or retaliating.

Physicians need care and expert handling in a leadership development process to ensure success.  In the wrong hands, these processes turn sour quickly.  While physician-only group processes can be effective and powerful, physicians actually do really well in mixed-function leadership processes (coming together with their nursing and administrative peers) – assuming they are brave enough to engage.  See how physicians collaborated well for the first time across boundaries for millions of dollars ROI in this Success Story.

Successful development programs set the stage for physicians to thrive.  They learn to give/receive feedback, engage in cross-functional teaming and begin to leverage the complexity of the organization’s system to create meaningful change.  Systems with capable physician leaders are much healthier systems, returning better results.

Outcomes from physician leadership programs include:

✓ Increased teaming with administration and nursing
✓ Management of the physician ego with increased respect for others
✓ Reduced physician frustration
✓ Increased patient satisfaction
✓ Growth of a physician leadership pipeline, with promotion-ready talent
✓ Increased morale and engagement

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CEOs and Administrators

CEOs and Executive Teams must support cross-functional work in the organization… they forget they are often the only cross-functional team in the entire business!  The C-Suite and Administrative teams must participate in leadership development programs and also engage in their own development.  Typically, an Executive Team development process is run alongside a Top 100 program for maximum impact.

Governance can be tricky when roles are not clear between the BOD Chair, BOD members, CEO and Executive Team leaders.  Development and teaming processes to hone the leadership skills of executives holding these critical roles can put the organization on track for high performance.

Succession planning at the executive level is critical for selecting, developing and effectively onboarding the leader of the future (rather than a carbon copy of the past great leader, who might have been perfect for a different set of circumstances).  Using predictive science and rigorous selection tools can ensure you bring the right talent into your organization to support your future business.

See how this nationally-known healthcare organization created robust leadership practices.

Outcomes from C-Suite and Administrator leadership programs include:

✓ More strategic “leadership”, less “management”
✓ Increased collaboration with the governing board
✓ Purposeful creation of a talent strategy to enable business strategy success
✓ Outside Insight to remove historical blind spots, enabling future success
✓ Increased ROI for leadership programs supported by executive leadership
✓ Increased morale and engagement

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Executive Coaching and Advising

Traci’s executive coaching and advising processes will help a leader (or leadership team) get straight to the heart of the matter. Starting with your business goals, she will help you quickly realign your leadership actions with the most effective path to your goal.

Her clients find that her “Insight from the Outside” is exactly what’s needed to help leaders arrive at critical aha moments that make the difference between true success vs. maintaining the status quo. It starts by Traci understanding your strengths, vision, shining moments and recent road blocks. She then works along side you to achieve your personal leadership and organizational goals. It’s all about More Results, Less Effort.

It happens with the right insights.

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Speaking and Keynotes

Dr. Clayton is available for speaking engagements and keynote events. Her executive presence and comfort with leadership audiences makes it easy to engage with your executives and staff on a variety of leadership topics, both in and out of healthcare.

Traci’s talks to many global leadership audiences have included:

✓ Culture change with meaning
✓ Rapid strategy and people alignment
✓ Transformational business change
✓ Cross-functional leadership breakthroughs
✓ Roadblocks to healthcare success
✓ Barriers to physician leader development
✓ Lightening-speed nurse leader development
✓ Quantum leaps for administrative teams
✓and more

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Small Projects With High Impact

Want to start a small project with a targeted outcome for high impact? Here are value-added options for minimal investment, delivered in a short timeframe.

✓ Needs Assessment. For leaders, teams or organizations. A quick but powerful process to gather all the critical data, receive valuable insights and map out the most important next steps. This is an Outside Insight process – one of Dr. Clayton’s specialties.

✓ CEO or Senior Leader Advising. Hourly, Weekly, Monthly or Annual Retainers available. Pick Traci’s brain about your biggest issues.

✓ Team Development Jumpstart. A four-to-six week process to change mindsets and critical skillsets for effective teaming. Useful for any type of team.

✓ Leadership Development Road Map. Find out the best recommendations for your leader development needs. Traci’s global experience in multiple industries can help you benchmark your capabilities and next steps. 


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Industries Outside of Healthcare

Work outside of Healthcare?  No problem!  Traci has global experience in multiple industries, such as technology, finance, banking, manufacturing, energy, consumer business, pharmaceuticals, government, professional services and more.  She leads and advises organizations going through significant business and culture transformation as well as supports organizational best practices in leadership development, talent strategy and culture change.  Dr. Clayton works with all levels of leaders (managers, directors, VPs, CEOs, Boards and Executive Teams).  Her global M&A work with Fortune 500 companies has helped disparate groups come together in an integrated fashion to work effectively across boundaries.  Her insight and experience will help you with both strategy and execution, while developing your leaders.

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Free Advising for CEOs – Request a Spot Today

Giving back to the community is important to Traci.  She reserves a portion of her time for these endeavors.  If you are interested in a Free CEO Advising spot, please send a request including your intention and goals for the process.

These sessions are time-limited to focus on your key leadership and organizational goals.  Evaluation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Short waiting list available if spots are taken.

Kids and Families

Reading, writing, math (even art and music) are a stable part of a child’s education. What’s missing are the skills and strategies kids need for a healthy mental, emotional and social life… an Abundant life! Dr. Clayton offers workshops for parents and teachers filled with practical tools for teaching kids positive thinking and abundance mindsets. Walk away knowing how to teach your own kids and other family members approaches that are immediately useful for creating successful mindsets, leading to lives full of joy, health, resilience and strong relationships.

The workshop is a preview of Dr. Clayton’s upcoming book on the same topic, co-written with her 10-year-old twins. Download the workshop flyer here for a sneak peek at the positive buzz the book is receiving from physicians, mental health providers, parents and kids alike!

Download the Workshop Flyer for Registration Information and Bonus information.